Temporal Brand Consulting was founded by Dr Paul Temporal, a global and Asian expert with more than 20 years of Asian experience in brand creation, development and management. Under his leadership, the company has thrived and is now the leading strategic brand consultancy agency in Asia.

We are brand strategists and not an advertising, public relations or design agency. What sets us apart from other consultancies is that we are the first and only pure brand strategy consultancy in Asia. We have pioneered concepts such as:

Brand Visions
Brand Personality
The Yin-Yang model of rational and emotional branding
The holistic model of Brand Management
The action learning model for brand marketing

The sharing of knowledge is how we approach our work with our clients. We work directly with a “Brand Team” comprising of a few key people from the client organisation. We believe that by teaching and guiding our clients, there will be a transfer of knowledge and skills from us to them.

It is also our practice to concentrate on only a few clients at any one time. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity. We spend quality time with our clients, ensuring that they get exceptional value for money and exclusivity. It should also be known that our people are full-fledged consultants and professionals with exceptional knowledge in this field.

Temporal Brand Consulting is result-oriented as well. We give our utmost effort in order to help enhance the revenues and profits of our clients. When you engage our services, our priority is to assist you in sustaining your profitability and increase your asset value.

We also demonstrate another unique quality – our combination of global experience with a deep understanding of Asian markets. This has allowed us to help build, strengthen and protect various brands even during economic upheavals and uncertainties.

Meet Dr Paul Temporal and key Team Temporal members who are committed to helping your brand grow.