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About the Book

Positioning is strategic. It involves establishing in people’s minds a favourable opinion or image of a company (its products and services), country or individual through positioning techniques and actions. Positioning techniques can influence people’s perceptions and, in doing so, control and shape one’s image and destiny.

For companies, a positive image leads to:
more growth
increase in profits
higher levels of performance

For countries, it can change in their favour:
political sentiment
public opinion
external perceptions

For individuals, it brings:

Strategic Positioning shows how world-class positioning can be achieved, taking a practical approach based on the most current methods used by international firms. The techniques involved are presented as a practical step-by-step methodology with ample illustrations and case studies derived from a wide spectrum of industries, markets and business environments.

This book offers a widely applicable package of ideas and strategies which are highly useful for CEOs, marketing directors, brand managers, corporate communicators, and all who are concerned with enhancing corporate identity, image and positioning.

These ideas and strategies are equally relevant to countries, politicians, entertainers and other individuals who wish to upgrade their image in a systematic, planned and professional way.

This book is available at all major bookstores worldwide.