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About the Book

MTV is one of the world’s best-known and most successful brands. To the young and young at heart, MTV is a global phenomenon that empowers them to explore and express their hopes, dreams, aspirations and feelings, and to connect with similar people through music.

How did MTV become an iconic brand? The Branding of MTV examines the company from its birth in the 1980s to the present day, and identifies the challenges that lie ahead.

For executives at the helm of today’s companies, MTV exemplifies a consumer-oriented brand managed across multiple markets. Its story provides insights into global branding that are applicable to any industry.

For branding and marketing professionals, especially those involved in youth markets, this book gives a rare insight into how one company has built a cult following and an enviable reputation through creating, developing, and managing a powerful brand that caters for a complex but universal array of needs and wants.

Packed with expert views from MTV’s brand builders and youth pundits, The Branding of MTV provides a practical demonstration of how to build and manage a brand culture when faced with the simultaneous needs for consistency and change, in both global and local markets.

Two bonus case studies delve into how MTV is penetrating and adapting to the world’s two fastest-growing markets, China and India, with their massive populations of young people.

Companies the world over must keep pace with, if not one step ahead of, the challenges of the digital age if they are to survive. The Branding of MTV is a timely examination of how those challenges are being met by the most famous music media company the world has ever seen.